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We develop the most advanced interactive marketing tools for designers, marketing managers and teams worldwide.

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Our Mission

Maool is an abbreviation for Marketing Tool. When marketing your business, you must create various types of content for websites, social media, email, and mobile apps, among other things. Designers use a variety of tools from various providers when designing or creating content. Many tools are available on the market, but the issue is that they do not all work together, and with Maool All in One Marketing Tool, you will get everything you need in one place. Maool Email Editor is merely one of our Marketing Tools. There will be many more tools available in the future.

For creating emails for your company. We developed the Maool Email Editor. With Maool Email Editor, you can quickly create well-designed emails with no coding knowledge.

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Our Story

Earlier, as authors, we designed and sold email templates on Themeforest. We felt we had good email templates, but there was no good editor out there that users could use to design their emails the way they wanted, so we decided to create an email editor with a set of well-designed templates. This is how the concept of Maool came to be.

We first launched Liramail, our basic email editor with some advanced features, at the end of 2019. We received feedback from our users. We considered it, and now we have a much larger vision, team, and everything under the name Maool, which stands for Marketing Tool.

It all began at the start of this year. On January 1st, 2021, we began working on it. Now, we've created an email editor that makes email design simple, saves time, and requires no coding knowledge. This tool can be extremely beneficial to designer marketers and teams worldwide.

Maool Email Editor currently includes a mix of basic and advanced features. We are working hard to make it the best, most advanced, and easiest-to-use email design tool available anywhere in the world..

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We develop the most advanced interactive marketing tools for designers, marketing managers, product managers, developers, non-tech users, and teams worldwide.

We began working on Maaol only 7 months ago and have since released a simple email editor for quickly designing emails without any coding knowledge. We're just getting started, and we plan to launch many more marketing-related products in the future.